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Seats that are as good as new

At Bums On Seats in Wakefield, we understand how important your classic car is to you - we're absolutely passionate about bringing out the potential in your vehicle.


Our classic car upholstery services give you the reassurance of knowing that we'll treat your car as if it were our own, so you know that once we're finished,  your car will look just as if it rolled out of the factory yesterday.


We're experts in a wide range of techniques to give you a finish you'll love.

Service you can trust

If you want a result you can rely on for years to come, we've got the expertise you're looking for. We can deal with a wide range of vehicles, including motorbikes, as well as furniture. Don't waste money on replacing when you can simply re-upholster and relax on attractive, comfortable seating.

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Restore your car to its former glory

Classic car upholstery services